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I´m a popart-artist, who lives and works in Berlin. With my label "augenlust" (eye:lust) i offer the service of creating artwork out of individual photographies. Either if someone leave me snapshots to work with or if this guy book a full photographical attendance - i will bring this own personal artwork into beeing. Further the photographs by private and professional photographers are defamiliarized to create exciting, newly-arranged compositions. Augenlust: (eyelust) is a scene of senses, sensuality and emotions for you to experience. Inspiring moments full of beauty can happen here: in augenlust pictures and in reality. When will your personal pictures become a work of augenlust?


personal pop ART bei gelieferten Fotos
Paket 1) 250 Euro bis 5 Stunden Bildbearbeitung plus 130 Euro 100x100 cm/2 cm Keilrahmen, Canvas plus 15 Euro Versandkosten -------------------------------------------------
Paket 2) 400 Euro bis 10 Stunden Bildbearbeitung 130 Euro 100x100 cm/2 cm Keilrahmen, Canvas plus 00 Euro Versandkosten -------------------------------------------------
Paket 3) 630 Euro bis 20 Stunden Bildbearbeitung inkl. 00 Euro 100x100 cm/4 cm Keilrahmen, Canvas inkl. 00 Euro Versandkosten -------------------------------------------------


  • Biete/Suche: Biete
  • Dienstleistungs-Art: Sonstiges
  • Preis €: ab 250 €

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Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011



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